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Our range of Shutters

Made-to-measure shutters fitted by experts

Shutters work well in all types of property from period to modern. The style you choose depends on the type of window you have and the functionality you want the shutter to perform.


Highly Popular Polymer Coated MDF.

Best for: Affordability. Durable and tough, Classic is ideal in areas where it may take any knocks, so great for children’s bedrooms and patio doors.

Finishes: Available in 5 shades of white. 


Hardwood panels with MDF frames.

Best for: Great all-rounder, suitable for most purposes.

Finishes: Available in 5 shades of white. 


A composite of materials including MDF panels with ABS louvres and MDF frames.

Best for: Most rooms, especially any high traffic area like a kitchen.

Finishes: 18 painted colours.


Shutters made from ABS are completely waterproof. This material is also used to produce kettles and crash helmets and is much tougher and more stable than PVC.

Best for: Bathrooms, kitchens and high traffic areas.

Finishes: 18 painted colours.


A very lightweight bleached out hardwood with a lovely distinctive grain that stands out even when painted.

Best for: Living spaces and bedrooms.

Finishes: Our largest range of painted and stained finishes.


Premium wood frames and premium wood panels.

Best for: Colour options and shaped windows.

Finishes: From bright whites to dark greys and black – this range includes 18 painted and 21 stained finishes – ranging from light limed looks to black walnut. Custom colours are also available.

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DRENS shutters are available in a choice of materials, styles, stains, painted finishes, slat sizes, right down to hinge colours!

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Shutters offer privacy, light control, sound and draught proofing.

Save money on fuel bills with further insulation. 

All our products range comes with a 3 year guarantee for complete peace of mind.


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Shaped Styles

3 year Guarantee across all ranges

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